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At Gayathri Steels, our focus is on attracting and retaining customers by providing end to end product and service quality.

Among the services that we provide include:


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  • 1) Quality Assurance

    • We recognize the importance of traceability of material quality in the use of steel in construction. Our business processes, systems and employee tasks are aligned to ensure quality assurance is guaranteed to our customers when they purchase steel through us. For more information, visit us at

  • 2) Hot Dip Galvanizing Service

    • Our Galvanizing to order operations has grown due to our adherence to strict quality standards. We are also able to Galvanize according to customer requirements.

  • 3) Priming Services

    • We undertake primer painting of steel as and when customers require this service from us. With our operations in china and our known commitment to product and service quality, we are able to give our customers a safe bet on procuring primer painted steel at good value for money.

  • 4) Fabrications to Order

    • We are also able to provide end to end design, fabrication and delivery of prefabricated buildings, according to customers' requirements or with our existing modular designs. Apart from this our close relationship with reputable value added steel fabricators ensures that we are always able to serve you no matter what your project needs. In general, we can fabricate to order, the following range of products.

      a.       Welded Beams and Columns
      b.       Pre-Engineered Buildings
      c.       Galvanized Steel Gratings
      d.       Aluminum Gratings
      e.       Stainless Steel Gratings
      f.        Cable Towers
      g.       Road Dividers
      h.       Steel Doors
      i.        Handrails
      j.        Lamposts