Gayathri Steels


We at Gayathri Steels began our operations in the early 1990's as a proprietorship company supplying building materials to the South Asian and South East Asian Region. Over the years, understanding our customer requirements and providing products and services to the satisfaction of our customers, have added immense value to our business.

Our client base has grown to include steel traders, manufacturers and construction companies in South Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Pacific countries.

While we have been highly successful in these markets, we do believe that our competitive advantage lies in the value added products and services we provide, the collaborative partnerships we build with our customers, suppliers, employees and to a certain extent, even with our competitors. We recognize that, while our business focus will be directed by our customer requirements, the satisfaction of those requirements will depend on the right partnerships we have with our suppliers, employees and competitors. In areas in which we are unable to compete, we partner with our competition. In areas in which we need supplier support, we collaborate with our suppliers. In areas in which we need staff support, we empower our staff to bring value to you - Our Customers and Partners In Business.
About Us

Our Products

General Steel

We deal in a range of construction steel material such as Universal Beams, Universal Columns, Mild Steel Angles, Channels, Flat bars, Round bars, Deformed Bars, Square Hollow Sections, Rectangular Hollow Sections, and Black Pipes.

Value Added Steel

Listening to our customers we have now shifted our supply focus towards the manufacture and supply of Value Added Steel Products such as Galvanized Grating, Wire Mesh, Pre-Galvanized Hollow Sections, Galvanized Pipes, Galvanized Angles, Channels, Flat Bars, Round Bars, Galvanized Beams and Channels, Primer Painted Hollow Sections, Universal Beams and Columns, Plates, Angles and Channels.

Our Services

We also undertake special fabrication requirements from our customers such as galvanizing and priming services for steel items that we do not carry in stock.

We recognize that your product and service requirements may differ from our focus. However, we assure that we are the best in providing value to our customers.

As we are continuously on the lookout to forge new partnerships with the right partners, get in touch with us and we shall work towards adding value to both our businesses.